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07 August 2018

Experiencing life beneath the sea

A spectacular new event tour launched this weekend in London, and we’re really excited to have helped the organisers bring it to life for the first time!

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02 August 2018

Yorkshire Citizenship from Plusnet

To help Plusnet celebrate Yorkshire Day like never before, we conceived and created the Plusnet Yorkshire Embassy, giving people throughout the UK the chance to take the Yorkshire Citizenship test and earn themselves a coveted Yorkshire Passport.

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world cup revolution for leeds based agency
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15 June 2018

Banana Kick makes the World Cup unforgettable!

As an agency that specialises in Sport, Leisure and Retail, we didn’t think twice about making the World Cup unforgettable for all the Banana Kickers. We went ALL OUT Russian style.

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Leeds Cares Banana Kick team
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31 May 2018

Creating Leeds Cares

Last week here at Banana Kick we had an extremely exciting week revealing the new brand, Leeds Cares, to the public. Leeds Cares is a charity dedicated to exceptional healthcare in Leeds, across Yorkshire and beyond.

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