Sport Leeds Leeds Sports Awards 2017

The 14th year of the Awards was the biggest and most memorable celebration of sporting talent in the city! We delivered an experience for the attendees that will live long in the memory.


Year on year the Leeds Sports Awards has been growing in size and stature, and never has this been more true than in 2017 when it moved to the iconic first direct arena.

The world-class venue was the perfect home for a celebration of another stellar year of sport in the city.

It was our brief to build on the success of past years and ensure that the experience we provided suitably celebrated the hard work and dedication of the sports stars, coaches, administrators, volunteers and all those involved in sports across the city.Now in our 7th year as creative and event partner, our aim remains the same: to deliver a memorable experience the record-breaking 750+ strong guest list would never forget.

Setting an impactful and engaging creative style for the awards was key, and we took the core Leeds Sports Awards identity and shaped it into a style representing movement, excitement and pace of the sports involved. We also reflected the venue itself, taking inspiration from the Arena’s architecture and vibrant light displays.

Flowing in this impactful creative style, we devised a unique font, encompassing these key creative elements, to deliver a unified approach suitable for a full suite of marketing communications.We then went on to deliver a venue that could provide an unrivalled experience for all the attendees on the night, the first direct arena.

From identity development, reflecting the transition to the arena with a dynamic and active creative style, to the development of a multi-channel marketing campaign, to a planning and sponsorship strategy for the successful delivery of the event and then to the engineering of the public launch, we never lost sight of our aims.We ran the process from start to finish including: full strategic developmentcreative development, implementation, securing of sponsorship, facilitation of an online nomination and ticketing service, strategic email campaign, social media management, venue liaison, full event planning, logistics, implementation and management, staffing, partner and supplier management and catering management.

With over 750 guests enjoying a spectacular evening of celebration and entertainment, it’s safe to say the 2017 Leeds Sports Awards was an unforgettable evening of success.