Project overview

Thames Valley Park in Reading, is a business and leisure park offering a fantastic combination of international business and large open spaces.

The park, water meadows and nature reserve were developed to create a natural flood plain helping to protect the commercial development, improve natural habitats and increase local biodiversity. The 80-acre waterside nature reserve is ideal for people looking for space to enjoy with colleagues or family and friends.

The challenge

The park has two key target audiences, employees at the business park and visitors to the large open spaces. Therefore, originally there were two existing websites splitting the key information.

Both resources included a wealth of information from transport and on site facilities to events. However, so much of the content appealed to both audiences which made for a confusing experience for the user.

Our challenge was therefore to condense and merge all necessary information. We would then present it back to both business and leisure visitors within one single website.

Our approach

In order to appeal to two audiences, looking for sometimes contrasting information, we had to create two clear pathways under one umbrella brand. Those pathways had to be clear in their purpose and avoid crossover of content.


What commonality tied both business and leisure visitors of Thames Valley Park? The answer was the nature reserve. The benefits of the spectacular outdoor space complete with wildlife habitats and walking routes was the brands unique selling point. This would help to create the unified look and feel the website needed.

One online destination 

Streamlined in the information it held, and beautifully uniting both business and leisure, the result was one online destination. A website that is simple to navigate for all visitors of Thames Valley Park. Using clean design, all relevant and useful information was presented to the user in a way that was uncluttered, purposeful and creatively inspiring.

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