Our chance to make a difference

Waltham Forest briefed us to create an identity that would showcase their commitment 
to health and wellbeing across
 the London Olympic borough.

As part of the brief, we were asked to consider a range of events, activations and ideas that would lead up to the launch of a state-of-the-art leisure facility.

But, in true Banana Kick style, we didn’t stop there.

Our big idea

We understand that there are many barriers to people engaging with health and wellbeing messages and starting their fitness journey. Two of the most common being that exercise isn’t fun and that they will be judged by others in an environment where they feel uncomfortable.


With this insight in mind, our campaign centred around one simple idea – that in Waltham Forest being healthy is fun. Consequently, the ‘Feel Good Waltham Forest’ campaign was born.

We were up and running

On theme, we developed a schedule of activities for the month, tying them into the ‘Waltham Forest Feel Good Festival’. A positive celebration of all things health and wellbeing.

Going the extra mile

We suggested a wide range of events and activities as part of the festival. The Waltham Forest team loved them all so much and as a result increased the budget. This ensured we could run the full schedule of events – making the festival a roaring success.


We developed and managed the launch event for the festival, developed all the promotional materials (including a full festival guide) and delivered a full comms campaign including liaison with key stakeholder and community groups.

The Feel Good Centre

The campaign was such a hit that the Waltham Forest team even changed their plans for the pinnacle of the event, the opening of the centre. They decided to rename it the ‘Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre’ and instructed us to design and fit internal and external signage for the launch. Of course we were happy to help.

Winning results

Over 100 people attended the media day. We welcomed everyone from over 80’s, VIPs and NGB’s to the series of events held. Overall, the campaign succeeded in creating a new identity for the borough. With an ongoing commitment to health and wellbeing, the brand will be continually developed in line with this.

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