Landsec approached us to create an attention grabbing campaign to drive interest and football back to 3 of their shopping centres across the country. Whilst initially a simple brief, a single theme was required across all 3 centres located at J32 in Castleford, The Galleria in Hatfield and Clarks Village in Street, near Glastonbury! Furthermore, the event had to work in a ‘post COVID’ world so minimizing contact was absolutely essential to ensure customers felt comfortable being part of any activities that were proposed.

The event needed to run across the summer from 23rd July to 31st August, be free to attend for the public, encourage people to move throughout the centres and be contact minimal!


Everyone loves superheroes! We picked up on this theme and engaged a partner organisation with the idea of installing life-size replica statues of some of the most popular superheroes from the Marvel & DC comics and films. The hero statues were supplied by Heroes United who worked with us. With them bringing the statues, our expertise in installation, logistics and project planning was key to success as the statues were rotated between each centre ensuring every centre had every hero through the duration of the campaign.

With the statues providing the physical, real-world engagement we took it one step further with the build of a bespoke, Augmented Reality App. The app allowed customers to look around the centre to find ‘artefacts’ relating to each superhero. These ‘artefacts’ would be scanned with the in-app scanner and the augmented reality version of the superhero would be brought to life in the App! This allowed customers to get closer than ever to their favourite heroes and resulted in some fantastic photo opportunities. The ‘artefacts’ were dotted throughout each of the centres and we worked closely with centre management to ensure that key footfall areas were considered as well as drawing customers through less travelled areas in their hunt for each of the ‘artefacts’.

This part of the solution was vital to ensure customers could engage with more than just the physical statues. It meant that the activity could be run with no contact points, and promoted footfall throughout the centres.

Additionally, all of the design work for the campaign marketing and the app, from initial concept through to print and digital assets was produced in house by our design studio.


The physical statues worked fantastically well to prompt initial excitement in the campaign. Once in the centres and when browsing online customers were made aware of the AR App and the trail of ‘artefacts’ to find around the centres they visited. With initiatives like “photo of the week” competitions engagement was strong with the App and whilst numbers of people in the centres was not pre-pandemic, footfall enjoyed a marked uplift.

App numbers saw strong download levels with over 600 app downloads in the first 2 weeks of the campaign.

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