What services were involved:

Project Overview

O’Garra’s Solicitors are Criminal Defence Lawyers in Leeds. Their experienced lawyers are specialists in their fields, representing clients in some of the most complex and high-profile criminal cases in the UK. With unrivalled expertise in criminal law, they are considered one of the best in their field.

O’Garra’s Solicitors and Cohen Cramer Solicitors, another leading law firm from Leeds, made the strategic business decision to come together and focus on providing the best representation for clients in both the U.K and internationally. The collaboration enables the larger team to work on a wider number of cases and offer their specialist legal services to a wider number of clients.

The Challenge

The newly formed team of professional lawyers required a brand that would unify the two law firms and accurately portray the level of service, expertise, and dynamic that would be practiced.

The existing O’Garra’s Solicitors website was outdated, both in style and functionality, and lacked the level of sophistication needed. So, as well as create a new brand for O’Garra Cohen Cramer, we were asked to launch it online with a brand new responsive website build.


 Our Approach

First, we created the new brand for O’Garra Cohen Cramer. A slick, premium and refined brand that would signify the quality of representation and legal advice clients could expect from the team at O’Garra Cohen Cramer.

We kept things classic. Using monochrome black and white and adding a touch of gold to perfectly elevate its credibility and demonstrate the ‘gold standard’ that the brand represents.

Next, we brought the brand to life online. We took the brand and designed a responsive, modern, and timeless website to promote the newly put together law team and the services they provide.

The Results

A premium crafted brand and website to match. Remaining straight forward and to the point, like the legal team themselves, the website brings the gold standard brand into play while humanising the team and their services with a clean and user-friendly design, considered UX and friendly real-life photography.

Content is stripped back with essential information provided and clear navigation to effectively guide the user towards the service they need and then give them easy ways to get in touch.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the new brand with the O’Garra Cohen Cramer team and their guests at the official Launch Party Event later in the year.

Visit the new website at ogcclaw.com

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