A complex challenge

Leonard Curtis had a wide range of business solutions, developed over a long period of time, to answer different challenges. They were struggling to communicate and effectively cross sell their full professional services offering to their accountancy audience. They asked us to help with a new brand identity.

Understanding and gaining insights for a complex business model

As Leonard Curtis operates in a complex and varied business environment therefore we worked hard to understand them and their needs.

To begin with we performed extensive desk research to understand their market, their competitors’ positioning and the motivations of their accountancy audience.

We then wanted to understand the motivations of key stakeholders and tie them into our approach therefore we ran a senior leadership team brand development workshop. This gave us a more refined brief and a deeper understanding of what was required.

Finally we planned and delivered an external research project. After speaking to accountants to understand their motivations and needs, we began to clearly understand how Leonard Curtis could help.

After we had gathered the insight, we started the brand development process.

A simple strategy

The research helped to uncover at what stage of a business’ life they would be accessed. This understanding uncovered the insight that Leonard Curtis has a service offering that spans the whole lifecycle of a business. As a result, Lifecycle was born.

Our creative treatment

In a professional services market dominated by off the shelf websites, stock shots and corporate tones of voice we delivered something very different. A simple, graphical and lifestyle photography led approach that delivered our brand strategy. The Lifecycle brand is fresh and unique in the marketplace therefore offers Leonard Curtis real differentiation from their competitors.

Delivering the Brand

As always with a new brand identity project we understand that any brand is only as good as the people who deliver it, hence why our guidelines were designed to ensure a non-marketeer could easily use them.

More than just a brand campaign

For the brand to work it needed to be consistent across all customer touch points. We created and developed a launch campaign, full suite of on-going marketing assets and even developed physical and online conferring solutions for our new brand.

A huge success

In the first year Lifecycle surpassed all targets attracting over 1,000 active members. All taking advantage of the benefits of being a member. Lifecycle delivers accountants added value services they can sell on to the businesses they serve and also drives sales for Leonard Curtis through cross selling of high quality, relevant services.

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