What services were involved:


Mandale Homes are one of our agency’s longest-standing clients. Over the years we have maintained the current website which was inherited from a previous agency. Small ad hoc changes have been made over time to a website that was ultimately too dated to represent their evolving brand and lacked the functionality needed to serve users well.

We took on the challenge to create a new website that better represented Mandale Homes with better underlying functionality and a CMS set-up that allowed them far greater control of their own website.


We undertook a three-phase website redevelopment project. This involved an initial concept design phase which set the creative style over 2 potential routes. After consulting with the team at Mandale homes they chose their preferred route to take forward into the detailed web design phase. This involved the design of all key website pages, new blocks and included in-depth discussions regarding functionality, user journeys and desired online behaviour.

By consulting on their existing limitations within the CMS we proposed a more flexible back-end set-up allowing greater autonomy and control of certain elements in the CMS. This gave the Mandale team much greater control of their own website content, a real issue with the current website.

Our very clear phased approach meant that from initial concept to site launch each stage was very clearly planned, executed on time, and within budget to be ready to launch within a 6-week time frame.


The new website presents a far more modern look and feel with a significantly improved user journey. It was designed in close collaboration with the Mandale Homes team to ensure it fully represents the brand and provides the right first impression to potential house buyers. Loading times are significantly faster, user flow through the site has been improved and the Mandale team have more control over site content with an improved back end set-up. The result is a website that Mandale Homes are happy with, and one that will help them future proof their online presence.

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