What services were involved:


Having been made aware of our dinosaur themed activations,  Grand Arcade Cambridge approached us with a brief of delivering a Jurassic themed event for when non-essential retail opened up.  We were tasked with trying to ensure a safe and secure activity which could also deliver high footfall and social engagement.


After conducting a site visit we proposed an event aptly named “Jurassic Arcade”, consisting of animatronic dinosaurs, a T Rex Ride and a merchandise facility for children to purchase a memento from their special day out.  We were responsible for all aspects of production, installation, dinosaur dressing along with all health and safety requirements for the activity.

We fully managed all staffing requirements for the T Rex Ride and pop up store ensuring we were always suitably stocked up with the most popular items.  Visitors collected a trail map upon entering the centre from which they collected stamps at the dino locations alongside revealing retailer offers to redeem throughout the event,.



Jurassic Arcade far exceeded the client’s high expectations and delivered a monumental amount of footfall as the country began to open up.  So much so that the dinos will be returning in 2022 to scare and delight the visitors and residents of Cambridge

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