All under one roof

The Walsall Housing Group management team wanted to do something different to engage their colleagues at their internal annual conference in 2018. They needed a team of event planners. A creative agency that could excite the whg team with memorable and engaging experiences. They asked us to help.

We brought all of their 700 colleagues together under one roof for the first time at the event. The executives wanted to be able to talk collectively to all their staff to discuss the next 12 months, while delivering unique team building experiences that would inspire and motivate.

Delivering their brand values

The day was centred on their core business values and encouraging delegates to work together to build the future of whg.

Cue our event theme – ‘time to shape our future’.

Transporting the delegates

Our team of creative event organisers kicked off planning for the event. In order to bring the future whg to life, we created a time travel concept encompassing some of the most famous icons from popular culture.

From the Tardis through to the Back to the Future DeLorean, our event production aimed to engage the internal whg audience by showing them something they had never seen before, bringing the theme to life in a memorable way and creating talking points throughout the day.

As a full-service creative agency, we were well equipped to work on all elements of the annual conference. Starting with the creative concept and project planning right through to the delivery and live event management. These included:

  • Developing the conference identity
  • Creating five breakout rooms with unique activities
  • Overall event theming
  • Audio visuals including animations
  • Copywriting and content for presentations
  • Scripting each breakout room
  • Awards ceremony event planning
  • Managing venue logistics

We also spent the rehearsal day working closely with the whg executives on some presenting techniques to help guide them through the most effective ways to engage with their audience.

Delivering the whg values

In each of the five breakout rooms, we tasked the whg team to undertake activities relating directly to one key business value. With the rooms branding and design further reinforcing each. As part of the event planning, each room was designed to deliver the five values below;


We created a giant timeline for the delegates to explore. The timeline contained important moments in history and the housing industry. When staff reached the end of the timeline we asked them; “How will you help build the future of whg?” and encouraged to write a pledge.


We directed delegates in groups to a decorating station where they were provided with everything needed to hang wallpaper. This activity aimed to show that although something may look simple, it takes a positive mindset and resilience in approach to master a new skill.

Embracing Change

When delegates entered this room the lights went off. We challenged teams to embrace the change and find the codes that were lit up in UV paint on a giant house plan. They then had to use those numbers (which equated to a letter) to figure out a hidden phrase. The idea of this was to show that change can be daunting and even stressful, but it can also bring fantastic opportunities.


In this room colleagues entered to see oversized piles of jigsaw pieces. We asked each colleague to pick up a piece and the teams had to work together, communicating at all times to complete the jigsaw.



In the final breakout room, we challenged colleagues to try new things and challenge their norm. It was about having the courage to bring forward new ideas, ‘the bigger you think, the bigger the benefit’. The host took the delegates on a journey back to their childhood and through coaching techniques took them back to the mindset of ‘anything is possible’ if you put your mind to it.

Delegates were left in awe when a toy dinosaur was miraculously transformed into a life sized roaming dinosaur. Highlighting that often the most bizarre ideas can become reality.

The team really enjoyed a unique day

whg received outstanding feedback and all delegates left with a positive mind-set about the future.

Since the conference we have been appointed as whg’s retained full-service creative agency across all their marketing requirements and, as our relationship goes from strength-to-strength, the future for us both certainly looks bright.

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