A jingle like never before

With a track record of delivering personality driven, entertaining campaigns on behalf of Plusnet, Christmas 2017 came round with an all-new challenge from the brand. But how do we go bigger and better, to deliver a Christmas campaign to capture the festive spirit, and put a smile on the public’s faces with something unique?

Daschund through the snow…

With this one now immortal line uttered, Jingle Dogs was born. It was inspired by our ‘Paws to Win’ campaign for Plusnet in 2016. Accordingly, we designed and brought to life a team of canine characters who set off on a mission to save Santa’s sleigh.

Launching through a comprehensive social media plan, we devised and developed a custom built online game. Inspired by the gaming classic; ‘Snake’, the game sees a chain of dogs conga through a snowy field, picking up more of their friends along the way. We wanted to encourage users to take part for the chance to win some outstanding tech prizes.

Singing for our supper

The Christmas spirit didn’t end there though. Christmas doesn’t feel right without a festive sing-a-long. Therefore, to add the final festive flourish, we re-wrote the lyrics to Jingle Bells. We incorporated our pups, and in a first for Banana Kick, recorded a professional choir at the iconic Leeds Minster.

This was an unparalleled way to inject personality into the project, and make the interaction with the game unforgettable. With an infamous tune, and catchy new lyrics, Jingle Dogs is a song that everyone has stuck in their heads.

Addictive fun

With a flurry of positive reaction on social media, and strong engagement in its first days, the game is proving to be a fantastic success. Users are playing the game over and over, driven to beat their high score.


The project has been an outstandingly unusual one, and has given us the chance to turn our hand to yet more new skills, proving that whatever is needed, we’ll find a way to make it happen!

With over 136,000 game plays over the campaign period, the game was an incredible success. It was as entertaining as much as it was addictive!

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