The leisure marketplace was seeing 18 pubs closing a week. Ei Group, the largest portfolio manager of pubs in the UK (with over 4,500 properties) approached us to work with them on a new brand identity. They briefed us to create new visit occasions for their customers, driving footfall into all their pub brands and creating extra revenue.

A pizza the action

Pizza is a £3.5bn industry in the UK. The dish has become the 
most popular item ordered in UK restaurants. Ei Group wanted their pubs to enjoy a slice of the action.

A cup of excellence

People in the UK now consume over 95 millions cups of coffee daily. Ei Group also wanted us to look at a coffee brand for them. Not only does quality coffee offer an additional revenue stream to pubs, but it also creates different day part customer missions – driving exponential revenue creation.


Designing a new brand identity with pubs in mind

We developed pizza and coffee as the first concepts, however we needed to keep in mind there would be others in the future. To complicate things further, they needed to work across the full portfolio of Ei Group pub brands and also work as stand alone food and beverage leisure concepts. They also needed to fit the pub environment and obey the lexicon of pub language and culture.

Barrel Top Pizza

We created a brand promise which was simple – quality pizza made from only the best and most authentic ingredients, baked fresh in your local. The Barrel Top Pizza Company places the brand firmly in the pub environment. The creative treatment suggests quality, featuring artisan pizza images and quality paper stock finishes for that authentic feel.

Beerista Premium Coffee

We mixed the language of coffee with the language of the local and ‘Beerista’ was born. Then it was just a case of bringing this to life visually, therefore we used pub iconography and the language
 of the coffee house to deliver the concept.

Launching the brand identities

We launched both brands with stand-alone events for regional managers. An extensive presence was also there at key Ei Group national events, for the wider manager and tenant audiences. Initial response and take-up exceeded all expectations. Both brands are supported by full sales packs for regional managers to promote the offering also extensive POS suites were also created for managers and tenants to sell through to customers.



Pizza and coffee for all

The first 6 moths saw 125 pubs take up Beerista and 80 pubs offer Barrel Top to their customers. This is way ahead of forecasted expectations for the limited launch. Now the concepts have been proved, Ei Group plan to make them available to their full portfolio of properties.

All pubs involved are enjoying better than expected revenue increases and increased footfall figures.


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