A changing market

Changes in family structure, lifestyle and the recession of 2007 have fundamentally changed the grocery landscape in the UK. Shoppers don’t have big weekly shops, they plan meals daily and work around their more chaotic daily lives.

Two-thirds of Britons now nip to a supermarket more than once a day while one in ten people decide what to buy for an evening meal just before they eat it.

Convenience retailers have become a key player again therefore Nisa needed to ensure they had a brand that was relevant for the modern market.

We were given the task of creating it.

They tasked us with creating it.

The best brands are based on insight

We believe the best brands are the ones that marry business aims with consumer need. We therefore started by undertaking an extensive research programme, speaking to all key internal and external stakeholders.

External customer research

We also undertook a national consumer research programme testing both consumer attitudes and behaviours.

Finally we took all this thinking, focused it into a number of more concise brand territories to test and took it back to our audience for further testing.

This gave us a focused piece of brand research, the foundation of the brand development thinking.

A new brand was born

We developed a strategy designed to ensure the Nisa brand was relevant in the new convenience marketplace. The strategy positioned the brand as a good neighbour, one that is there when their customer need them to be.

Our strategy included:

Purpose – why the brand exists

Vision – what future we want to help create

Mission – how we create that future

Values – what the brand believes, how it will act and behave

Tone of Voice – how it communicates and presents itself

Bringing the brand to life

As ever with a brand development project we understand that any brand is only as good as the people who deliver it. Our guidelines were designed to ensure a non-marketeer could easily use them. They also included a full customer journey analysis and retail best practice guide.

Multi-channel approach

Once approved, we rolled out the brand thinking across all key communications assets. This included their seasonal and promotional assets, in-store POS, internal comms, advertising, member comms and digital style setters.


Internal communication of the brand

The very last stage of the process was to give the Nisa team (and retailers) all of the training and guidance they needed to deliver our thinking on a daily basis. We developed a simple video explaining the key and relevant concepts, a suite of practical brand guides (tiered for individual audiences) and undertook training for key team members and business units.

A brand that delivered results

The brand was rolled out across all Nisa comms channels and across new store development schemes (including the store of the future concept development) with retailer member and consumer feedback positive across the board.

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