About us

Banana Kick - About Us - what is a banana kick

What we do

At Banana Kick we specialise in sport, leisure and experiential marketing. Our focus on experiential grew out of our work in sport and leisure. These markets are different to others – they’re based on experiences, moments and memories.

Experiential isn’t all that we do by any means. But it’s made us think much harder about the reaction we create in consumers whichever media we’re working in. And for our clients that can only be a good thing.


Why the name?

We thought you might ask. Remember Mexico ’70, the World Cup where a perfect storm of creativity, high altitude and tight shorts led the Brazilian team to show the world that you could overcome pretty much any obstacle with skill and great technique?

The same principle has always guided us when working with our clients. We do it with a combination of insight, creativity, hard work and a dash of the unexpected. It might not be the most obvious route to goal. But it will usually be the best.