Rainbow Wobblers show support for NHS and Key Workers where Banana Kick staff live

There’s been no shortage of support for our NHS and Key Workers since COVID-19. The British pubic have all rallied together to say thanks however they can. From #ClapForOurCarers every Thursday at 8pm, to millions donated from campaigns like Run 5, Donate 5, Tag 5 and incredible achievements from fundraising heroes including Captain Tom Moore.

The team at Banana Kick wanted to produce something that would bring communities and neighbourhoods together and help to show their support for the NHS and all Key Workers.


With lots of rainbows seen in windows and drawn onto pavements in colourful chalks, we wanted to continue the reach of these iconic symbols and go beyond individual homes, bringing the entire area together. What better way to do that than with neighbourhood street signs.

We decided on a simple ‘wobbler’ that could be affixed to the streets signs and followed the design of the iconic Rainbow. A symbol recognised as saying a huge thanks to the NHS and Key Workers all over the U.K.

Our staff rainbows are now out there in and around Leeds, and even as far as Wales, but we’d love to see as many rainbows on local street signs as possible by making them available to everyone.

Help us get our rainbows onto street signs everywhere in the U.K. including Downing Street!

All proceeds will be donated to the #NHS, so let us know what you think!

Follow us on social to see more of our Rainbow Wobblers in Banana Kick neighbourhoods and comment and share if you’re interested in having your very own Rainbow Wobbler for your street.

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