What makes a good piece of video content?

For me, a good piece of video content needs to resonate with the person watching it. Whether it be it emotionally or through admiration of a quality piece of work. I’d like to share two recent pieces that I have come across and tell you why I think they are incredible. Hopefully, they’ll pull on some of your strings too.

First up is a recent promo for the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury rematch. It’s probably one of the most highly anticipated fights of the decade, so it’s only right that it is befitted with an awesome piece of content. 

Now for me, this is on the admiration scale. A great piece of work and as a content producer, I’m always on the scout for new skills to apply to the content that we deliver as a business for our clients. The way this promo is delivered has EVERYTHING. Amazing animation and video skills. It’s aggressive at the same time as just being a really good solid minute pulse racer.

Second and more emotional is Guinness’ promo for the 6 nations in 2019. Guinness has always been a brand I’ve admired for content. They have the ability to use some incredible assets and they’re not afraid to tell a story with their content. 

It’s beautifully filmed and there is just the right amount of anticipation at the start to be able to make you connect with the story.

I’ve played rugby 25+ years so whilst it might not resonate with some people, for me, this sums up what having an extended family around me has been all about. I could probably count on two hands the number of games my mum has missed watching me play, which makes it more emotive.

So… What makes a good piece of content? I guess only you can answer that. Set yourself a challenge over the next couple of weeks to find something that really gets your content juices following.

I’d love to hear why you love a particular piece of content so feel free to fire me over an email for a chat, maybe Banana Kick can help you create something for your brand that will make people stop and think – Scott@bananakick.com