Blue Monday 2020 – our favourite brand responses

January is a tough month for all – Christmas is over, payday feels like a decade away and it’s always dark. That’s why the third Monday of January has been dubbed as ‘the most depressing day of the year’ aka ‘Blue Monday’.

Of course – this opens all kinds of awareness opportunities for brands. Here are our favourites of the day so far.

Samaritans – #BrewMonday

For the past few years, the Samaritans have changed Blue Monday into Brew Monday. Because, what’s more British than fixing absolutely any problem with a good old cup of tea?

The Samaritans encourage people to beat the Monday blues by getting together with colleagues/friends for a brew and a chat. The campaign is complimented with free fundraising kits, helping people to raise money that will support the Samaritans with their mental health services. I think we’d all agree (and have probably experienced) that a brew could most definitely save a life.

Find out more here.

Lidl – Free bakery treat every day for a year

It’s no secret that people have been raving about Lidl bakery for some time now. If you haven’t yet indulged in a 49p chocolate croissant, or a 39p jam doughnut – go there. Now.

Lidl has cleverly listened to and harnessed their bakery cult and offered one lucky winner the chance to win a ‘Lidl Bakery Gold Card’ – enabling them to have one free bakery treat every day for a year. The post has already had 2300 entries, and it’s only 11:30 am.

Guide Dogs – Puppy cam LIVE

Dogs cure anything and the Internet agrees. So what do you do when you have access to a bunch of puppies, and it’s apparently the most depressing day of the year? Stream them live of course.

Guide Dogs have announced on their social media that they will be running a LIVE puppy cam on their Facebook page at 1:15pm, where you can literally just watch puppies, well, being puppies.

Other brands involved are KFC who are giving away free gravy and Subway giving away free cookies to those that download their app. Social media is also inundated with motivational quotes and happy posts – encouraging people to not be beaten down by this ‘made up’ day.

#BlueMonday is now trending on Twitter – how are you getting involved?