Get Brexit Done – What this election can teach us

So in turbulent and uncertain times, the Conservatives have gone from no workable majority to the biggest majority since the 80s in a matter of weeks.


They understood the fundamentals of a good marketing campaign and executed them brilliantly. These fundamentals have never changed and are as effective today as they have ever been. But what are they?

Understand your audience and their needs.

Understand how you can uniquely answer those needs.

Be single-minded in how you communicate.

Be consistent.

The Conservative campaign is a great example of this strategy in action.
Understanding that people were either passionate about delivering Brexit or so sick of it they just wanted to get over the line and start to think about something else.

Recognising that the Conservative party realistically were the only party who could offer a leave position (with any real chance of election).

Delivering a simple 3-word message – GET BREXIT DONE

Repeating it consistently, at every possible opportunity, even when the question was on something different.

Of course, they were helped by their main opposition (as despite all the bluster of the Lib Dems and the Brexit Party we are still a two-party state) doing the exact opposite and losing all focus, delivering multiple messages and being inconsistent throughout.

Whatever your political colour you do need to tip your cap to a campaign well executed – it is something we can all learn from.