Beauty at Bluewater

Bluewater, one of the largest malls in the UK, approached us with the brief to position Bluewater as a ‘place to go for beauty’.

A few team brainstorms, some exciting creative from our Designer, Rachel, and a successful proposal later… Beauty at Bluewater was born.

Designing a flawless look

Our design team worked hard developing the creative concept which included makeup swooshes and a contrast of calm and bright colours. This was then pushed out over a mix of collateral, including social media and digital assets, a print transfer and backdrops for the event.

Building the foundations

With the concept ready, it was time to bring Beauty at Bluewater to life. We contacted all of the Bluewater beauty retailers, inviting them to be involved in the event, whether it be by providing samples for our goody bags, setting up a concession stand or running their own masterclass on stage. The excitement was buzzing from the beginning.

Adding highlights with some influencers

In order to add extra value to the event, we brought in some influencers who are well established in the makeup industry. Kaz Crossley, past Love Island star and Makeup Artist was the perfect fit with the Bluewater audience. With 1.5m Instagram followers, Kaz helped us to promote the event and then joined us on the day to run 2 masterclasses on stage and take part in a meet and greet.

We also brought in local talent and celebrity Makeup Artist, Jade Ewen. Jade has worked with a number of high profile clients, most recently doing the makeup for the Ferdinand wedding, so we knew she would be a huge hit for any aspiring MUAs.

Making up the event

With the event taking shape, it was time to sell tickets. For just £5.80, attendees received a goody bag full of beauty samples and vouchers, access to all of the masterclass, and a £5 Bluewater gift card… making the event pretty much free!

Our Event Manager, Lotte, made sure everything was planned and ready, including the giant makeup props, the stage and the branded concession stands for Boots, Too Faced, Rituals and House of Fraser.

1100 tickets were sold in the end. That’s 1100 goody bags we spent hours packing, and 1100 lanyard we stuffed, but it was all worth it!

Glowing results

Beauty at Bluewater was everything we’d hoped and more. Over 1000 beauty lovers attended and made their way around the concession stands, enjoying their free samples and soaking up all the beauty tips they could from the long list of retailer masterclasses, including MAC and Urban Decay. Not to mention Kaz Crossley’s meet and greet which went down a treat, with teenagers queuing around the mall just to get a photo with her.

We can’t wait to do it again – bigger, better and more beautiful.