A new website where brows reign

EyebrowQueen beginnings

Nilam Holmes-Patel, launched her first capsule collection of eyebrow make-up online last week. Our team of digital and creative specialists have been with her every step of the way. Beginning with just a brand name (EyebrowQueen, naturally!) and logo, the expertise we were able to provide has seen the brand evolve into a stunning visual representation of it’s core values and proven that it’s worthy of the name.

Luxury photography fit for a Queen

Over the past few months, the team have been busy pulling multiple pieces of the project together. An e-commerce website that would sell the world-renowned beauty experts premium make-up products would need photography that was equally as premium and luxurious. The model photoshoot was underway on a beachfront in LA, so we created a brand style that would compliment the soft, dreamy and feminine setting – all the while tying in with the beautiful rose gold luxury product packaging and regal logo.

The results were beautiful product photography and a straight-forward yet equally stunning website design, encompassing the brands luxury and royalty. For us, it was all about how to make the products shine.

A regal approach

As an expert in brows, Nilam was behind the HD Brow treatment and revolution, training thousands of make-up artists around the country. It was her passion for  helping others create their signature brow style themselves that led her to create EyebrowQueen. The capsule collection features eight single products, the Essential Collection and the Professional Artist Kit. All carefully developed to achieve professional results with ease. We therefore approached the website with the same formula.

The design is simplistic and minimalist yet elegant in style, allowing visitors to browse beautiful imagery, product descriptions and reviews and choose their colour in a few simple clicks. Customers can also see quick guide tutorial videos for each product, showing them how to use their new essentials.

But don’t just take out word for it, check out the EyebrowQueen website here.

Wow!! Looks truly beautiful! Cannot wait to try them all out!!

EyebrowQueen customer