My week’s work experience at Banana Kick

My one week placement at Banana Kick has been both incredibly enjoyable and educational. I have been surrounded by experienced professionals who have guided me through this short, but eye-opening journey.

What I have enjoyed the most is the office environment, meeting new people and having fun. Without this work experience I would have not understood how important having a good team around you in a place of work is. Socially, Banana Kick is a warm and inviting place. They instantly made me feel at home, which has heightened this amazing experience.

As this is my first time working within a business, I have learnt new skills that have helped be grow as a person in the world of work. I have done many tasks in my weeks stay with Banana Kick, which have been interesting and productive. I have done research for the upcoming Leeds Sports Awards, contacted large organisations, written a creative brief, done a social media content plan and followed the processes in the design studio.

My favourite activity of the week was attending meetings with external organisations and individuals and as a consequence my confidence and experience has grown phenomenally. I have experienced different roles within marketing as a whole here at Banana Kick. Through this placement I have now realised that there are many roles I could potentially consider for my future career, which I didn’t realise prior.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my weeks work experience as it has provided me with real work skills and a good understanding into the workings of a business. School simply doesn’t do this. I have gained so much from working at Banana Kick, and would love to do it again.

Olivia Courtney-Ashton

Year 11 Student – The Grammar School at Leeds