Our top digital news and campaigns from April

There’s always stuff going on in the digital world, from hilarious brand tweets to constant digital updates, the digital team have been rounding up their favourite news stories and important updates from the past four weeks.

Carlsberg- Mean Tweets

Carlsberg have recently done a ‘mean tweets’ campaign highlighting all the negative comments that have been made about their lager- bit of an odd way to go about it?

They’ve done this to highlight that their new pale lager tastes a lot better than the old one, which they’ve now admitted ‘probably wasn’t the best in the world after all’. By doing this, they’re looking to bring attention to their new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, which has been ‘completely rebrewed from head to hop for a crisper, fuller flavour’.

In return for their ‘kind hearted’ tweets… they are now offering the people who posted the meanest tweets about the old brew a taste of their new Pilsner to see if they agree. Definitely an interesting way to go about a new product. Some reviews included ‘my pint of Carlsberg tastes like naan bread’ or ‘Carlsberg tastes like stale breadsticks’. 

For the first time ever, most UK ad spend is on smartphones

Digital advertising spend hit £13.4bn last year as smartphone advertising overtook desktop for the first time. This is a significant milestone in the digital world.

Not only this but the increase in video is important to recognise too- brands are increasing their focus on video and moving away from more traditional formats. Video continues to be the driving force, accounting for 51% of all digital spend.

CALM- Call for Help

CALM, a charity aimed at bringing the suicide rate down in men, created some digital screens across the UK to show, in real time, how many men call the charity’s help line. This campaign was aimed at destigmatizing the act of reaching out when in need and with suicide remaining the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, this is a great way to impact people in an emotional way.

L’Oreal- telling you exactly where your spots are through AI

If you couldn’t quite see your spots already… L’Oreal have launched a spot scanning AI technology. Using either iPhone or Android, Spotscan will take three images of your skin condition. The user will then receive a grade and total count of the number of blackheads, inflammatory spots and brown marks left by spot. Sounds fun.

The user will then receive product recommendations based on their skin type and grading and if the acne is more serious, will be referred to a specialist. It also allows for users to track their skin progression.

Are you in need of some more Netflix inspo?

Netflix UK are now going to list their top 10 most popular programmes to try and increase engagement. By doing this, they’re hoping to spark more conversations amongst users about the most popular programmes. It could also help to create a feeling of being ‘left out’ for those who aren’t on the streaming site as they can’t join in on the conversation, encouraging more users to join. 

In other Netflix related news, the prices are also going up which may be upsetting for some, but for those of us who use our friends boyfriends mums sisters Netflix, it’s all good.


To conclude

A lot of these campaigns show that it’s about sparking a conversation with consumers whether that’s about less spoken subjects such as mental health or simply what programmes you’re watching, it’s about getting people involved with your brand. Platforms like Twitter can really help in getting these conversations going which is why it’s crucial for brands to have a strong presence on the platform and really communicate the brand personality.