Our top 8 April Fool’s campaigns from over the years

Who doesn’t love a good April Fool’s? We have collated our favourite April Fool’s campaigns from brands across the world.

Tough Mudder – Baby Mudder

On April 1st 2015, Tough Mudder ‘brought out’ their very own Baby Mudder for all the hard-core babies out there.

Tough Mudder realised they were missing out on one vital demographic – babies. That’s why Tough Mudder introduced their first ever toddler centric obstacle course for children 18 months – 3 years and at least 1 foot in height – the one and only Baby Mudder.

Toughen up your toddler. See the video below.

Burger King – The Chocolate Whopper

Of course, Burger King were going to be in on an April Fool’s. They introduced their brand new ‘Chocolate Whopper’ on YouTube, which I’m sure some people wouldn’t be opposed to trying. The chocolate burgers, unfortunately, did not become available in any Burger King, anywhere.

McDonald’s – The Micro Mac

Fast food giant, McDonald’s, shrunk its staple menu item, the Big Mac. The burger got a lot of attention because of the videos showing how carefully constructed the tiny burger was made.

Although it was just part of an April Fool’s Day prank, it fit in with their campaign that caters to all ranges of hunger. 

The video was posted across all social media platforms stating it was the “same iconic recipe with just a few small updates”.

Yelp – Fake Phone Crack

Yelp made a few changes to their app on 31st March that definitely had people slightly worried. They made it look as if users’ phone screens were cracked when they opened the app. A customer review included “Thanks for the mini heart attack, Yelp, I just wanted to find the best tacos in my neighbourhood”.

The prank was also in conjunction with promoting phone repairs showing a notification reminding users they could search for a phone repair shop with the app.

Netflix – Acquiring Seth Rogan

“Seth Rogen belongs to Netflix, mind, body and soul. Why acquire a talented person’s ideas when we can just acquire the talented person?”

Netflix decided that for April Fool’s they were going to ‘acquire’ Seth Rogen. In a hilarious video posted on their Twitter page, you can see Seth reading through his lengthy contract. The worst thing about it? Rogen is quoted saying “As a general rule, I don’t really read anything before I sign it” and Netflix chief responds with “There really isn’t anything on earth that we can’t make him do”. Watch the video below.

Head & Shoulders – Knees and Toes

If you love Head and Shoulders shampoo, you’ll love “Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes” combined body wash and shampoo.

For their April Fool’s prank, Head & Shoulders released an ad for the ‘new’ product and followed it up the next day claiming it was ‘flake news’ – yes flake, not fake.

BBC Sport – Fight on Live TV

No one can forget this absolute classic from 1989, making an appearance on 1st April every year since. The hilarious video shows employees behind the presenter during a live broadcast getting into a fight, eventually resulting in other employees getting involved. Watch the hilarious, and very believable prank below.

Expedia – Flight to Mars

Although this one was a little bit harder to believe, the way Expedia advertised it was pretty convincing. Expedia advertised their Flight to Mars, from only $99. You could even choose where you were departing from. Not only this but to play on their own travel promotions, they had to include “No Interplanetary Booking Fees” and “Save over $3 Trillion!”

There’s definitely been some believable and hilarious ones over the years, however it’s now more difficult for brands to pull something off as people are a lot more cautious about what they believe on the internet, especially on the 1st April. However, the best April Fools are the ones that relate back to the company and what they have to offer, as seen in many of the examples above.