Brexit, beer taps and burning burgers- our digital news for this month

It’s been a great month for digital campaigns, from competitor rivalry to jumping on the back of politics… here’s our pick of our top digital news and stories.

Instagram- In app shopping

This is not a drill, it’s happening… you can now buy your clothes directly from Instagram *immediately has mini panic about the safety of bank balance.*

For now, only certain brands including Zara, Adidas, KKW Beauty and H&M will have access to the feature to begin with as they test it out however this should eventually be rolled out to all brands.

This will make the buying process and the purchase funnel a lot quicker so if you see a product you like on the app, you can click on it and buy right there and then.

So what’s the negative? Well currently you can only buy one item at a time but Instagram are actively looking into adding a multi-item shopping cart… (dangerous)

Fyre Festival 3.0

Just when we thought the Fyre Festival saga was over, People’s Vote have created their very own Brexit Fyre Festival… who wouldn’t want to go! Have a watch here…

For the beer lovers out there…

Introducing your first ever ‘smart’ beer tap. Coors Light are the brand behind this innovative tap, which will monitor social media and other media in real time to look out for competitor (mainly Bud Light) activity. For example, Coors will buy a round of beer whenever a Bud light ad appears on the TV screen in that location. This is currently only available in the US.

Burn Burger Burn

Print isn’t going out of fashion- it’s just being upgraded.

Burger King have delivered yet another great marketing roast. The Burger King app allows customers in Brazil to burn other competitor’s adverts and get a free whopper in return. Using an AR feature, the app identifies the advert as a competitor and sets it alight in a Burger King flame grilled fashion before telling the consumer to go grab a free burger at their nearest restaurant.

This not only shows a growth in merging print and digital and the successes of it but also the growth in the use of AR and allowing customers to interact with the ads.

Mothercare- #BodyProudMums

Mothercare have launched a new campaign, #BodyProudMums, to try encourage mums to feel more confident about their bodies after birth. Social media has its positives but also has negatives and one of these is portraying unrealistic images of women, particularly post partum. The campaign features 10 images of mums with scars, stretch marks and all their imperfections to show that we aren’t all airbrushed models. A quarter of UK mothers feel pressure from the media and as a result, more than half of mums use filters when posting pictures to hide things about their appearance they don’t like.

A lot of brands have started to show more of a ‘real picture’ on social media by using untouched models including Pretty Little Thing and their ‘EveryBody’ campaign with ambassador Ashley Graham, however, there’s still a long way to go.

When brands do this, they’re not only appealing to a much wider audience but portraying a much more positive image of what social media should be used for.

There’s been some really great campaigns in the past month from competitor rivalry to inspiring campaigns.

There’s definitely been a shift in social media content recently going from very unrealistic images of models to showing a more real representation. This is a much more positive approach to using social media and also applies to a much wider audience, which will benefit business sales. 

Furthermore, the competitor rivalry we’ve seen in our digital news this week shows how using your competitors as content can really pay off for a brand, not only do people love a bit of drama but it also drives more people towards your business.