Our favourite retail news from February

Our retail specialists have round up their favourite news and campaigns from the past month, with many brands choosing to focus on health. This isn’t really surprising when you consider the rise in demand for products that are better for us, as well as the building scrutiny on advertising that is pushing brands to be more authentic and responsible – particularly when it comes to health and well-being.

Read on to see who’s leading by example. 

W.K. Kellogg’s- Going veggie

There has never been a better time to be a vegetarian or vegan, or to just increase the amount of veggies consumed on a daily basis!

The W. K. Kellogg range has been developed to champion healthy lifestyles through plant-based foods. The range is high in fibre, vegan and contains no artificial colours, flavours or palm oil. For every pack sold, Kellogg’s will also donate 10p to projects that promote sustainable agriculture and provide breakfast for those in need.

As a no added sugar granola option, the vegan cereal incorporates dried raspberries, apple and carrot in its ingredients, and Kellogg’s states in the packaging’s labelling, that it has no artificial sweeteners. This acknowledges concerns consumers may have about the sugar content of cereal, and supports the rising need for ‘cleaner’ labels of products. It also increases its options for consumers looking for more plant-based products on the shelves.

Dreamies- All it takes is a shake

A funny new set of ads for Dreamies, centres on the idea that neighbours might be “borrowing” your cats and luring them with treats.

In one of the three ads, a man is seen to use the Dreamies pack shake to tempt some neighbourhood cats onto his sofa so he can seem more attractive to his cat-loving date. The comical advert portrays that Dreamies are a sure bet to win over any cat, suggesting that they are cats’ favourite snacks, persuading consumers not to think twice over which brand they purchase.

Using a strong insight that all cat owners wonder what their cat is doing has enabled a conversation to start amongst viewers, ultimately creating a campaign that resonates with all cat owners.

We think the ‘shake action’ that all characters in the ads utilise to entice the kitties, becomes a memorable part of the advert and allows Dreamies to develop the trademark “shake” noise behind their brand. This shake may also become a reason behind a customers purchase choice, which could successfully lead to an increase in sales as customers are gaining enjoyment from the purchase too. This concept has been an ongoing one for Dreamies and helps maintain consistency within their branding.

Watch the ad here.

Guinness- Six nations

As part of their Six Nations sponsorship, Guinness has revealed two, vastly different, campaigns. The ads aim to encourage people to drink more responsibly whilst reinforcing the campaign line ‘Made of More’. It is interesting to see alcohol brands extend their product range to non-alcoholic drinks so as to not exclude any consumers from their target market.


We think it’s great that Guinness has really identified their target audience by connecting their values and the brands values. The Six Nations brings people together through shared values in rugby’s honour code of integrity, authenticity, inclusivity and strength, which are all values of the Guinness brand.

Guinness has prioritised drinking responsibly using the ‘Guinness Clear’, which is a tongue-in-cheek advert that encourages rugby fans to trade a pint of beer for a pint of water – but not just any water, Guinness H2O. The ad really grabs people’s attention in the right way and engages them while delivering a really important message.

McDonald’s- The Big Mac Debate

McDonald’s are creating controversy… again. They’ve released a new Big Mac with added bacon (wow). However their new TV ad to promote this is encouraging debate across whether it’s still classed as a ‘Big Mac’ or whether the additional element of bacon makes it something else… is it really a Big Mac?

The controversy this has created has allowed some amusing and light-hearted debate making it memorable for consumers. It also shows just how popular a brand like McDonald’s is and the impact they can make on consumers. They knew customers would react to this which puts the Big Mac in the spotlight, ultimately potentially leading to an increase in sales.

McDonald’s have the power to get their customers to create the advertising for them by creating a buzz and allowing their audiences to do the talking for them.

Dream It/Make It- Squarespace

The American website building company have launched two brand new adverts, both starring Idris Elba. The first film features a dream-like sequence in which Elba plays out all of his career ambitions, from professional athlete and fighter pilot to chef and designer. The backing track Que Sera, Sera sung by children fits perfectly with the ad evoking feelings of childlike wonder. In the second ad, Elba gets help with his website from his assistant as he describes it to her, a more humorous approach.

Using Idris Elba as the starring role was a good move from Spacesquare, a very current and popular celebrity to have for this campaign. He is also a great role model achieving his own ambitions that matches the brand and their values.

The two ads definitely contrast with one being more humorous and the other being more inspiring. This will help appeal to different people and a wide audience with some preferring the inspiring ad and some preferring the humorous one. Showing that whatever approach you take Squarespace can cater to your needs.



That’s all from the retail team for this month.