Our top digital news from the past month

There’s been some great digital news over the past month with some hilarious and unique content going out- from bowl cuts to an egg breaking the record for number of likes on Instagram, it’s all been a bit crazy… Have a read of our top picks and would there be any other way to start than with the egg itself…

World Record Egg

It seems like a year ago now (probably because January lasted approximately 276 days) but the egg has to be mentioned. We all know which egg we’re talking about- the Insta famous one. The original egg post currently has over 52 million likes, which broke Kylie Jenner’s record of 18 million. The account then continued to add more posts of the egg slowly cracking, building up suspense amongst it’s new social following. It finally ended up cracking and in doing so, uncovered an important message about mental health.

It has added its own website ‘talkingegg.info’ where you can talk about the pressures of social media. This is another great example of using social media to get people talking about important issues. 

However this begs the question- does the egg saga show that we’re completely overthinking content? Does simplicity sometimes win?

KFC- Bowl cuts, gravy candles and fingers

KFC have been at the top of their social media game recently with some hilarious content. Firstly, they brought back the iconic ‘bowl cut’ to promote their famous bowl meals. They held a pop-up event in Brooklyn where the public could get their very own free bowl cut. 

Fans were then encouraged to share their new hair-style on Twitter via the hashtag #KFCFamousBowl. By doing this, they cut into the 90s nostalgia trend which has been popular amongst millennials and of course sparking social media conversations. They also created their own KFC ‘finger’, so you’re able to indulge in your greasy chicken wings whilst your artificial finger does your Instagram scrolling for you. Watch here… 



Finally, does a gravy-scented candle appeal to you? 

Well for a limited time, KFC held a social media competition for you to get your very own gravy candle. There were only 230 available. Someone, somewhere, has the scent of gravy wafting through their house.

Digi fact of the week

Instagram engagement is 10x higher than Facebook, 54x higher than Pinterest and 84x higher than Twitter.

Fyre Festival on a budget

Shutterstock cleverly remade Fyre Festival’s notorious ad to create their ‘It’s not stock’ campaign using nothing but their stock footage. The Fyre Festival ad took a private island, a whole camera crew and professional models to make. Shutterstock remade almost the same advert in under one day, for less than £1,600.


This campaign helped to promote Shutterstock’s growing host of 200m images, videos and music that they claim to add 1.5m to a week.

Shutterstock have taken a hot topic of conversation and turned it into a successful campaign that’s relevant to their brand. Watch the video below. 

One Minute Briefs- Cereal Mascots

Apparently taking away a mascot from a cereal box will stop people buying the high sugar cereal. @OneMinuteBriefs challenged creatives on Twitter to conjure up some hilarious alternatives to creating the boxes without the mascots. Here’s some of our favourite examples:

Find more here


The continuing importance of UGC 

UGC (user-generated content) really helps brands to create authenticity, probably better than anything else. It’s often visual, tied to social media and more trustworthy than any reviews. With influencer marketing facing scrutiny due to the lack of regulations with influencers and the genuineness of them, UGC is always a reliable source for brands. Here are some great examples…


UGC is used regularly for travel company Travelex. In 2017, they held a competition encouraging their audience to submit their best travel photos. These photos are now used on their website as a social wall to provide travel inspiration to other consumers. 


If you want to surprise some one with loads of confetti in their face, Boomf is your answer.

How have they made use of UGC? Their whole Instagram is full of consumers opening their cards with hilarious reactions.

And the best thing about it? Continuous content without putting much time or resource into creating their own whilst having an authentic source of information.

That’s all from the digital team for this month.