Super Bowl 53 in 53 seconds

(depending on how quickly you read).

The Super Bowl- possibly America’s biggest sporting event of the year. Yet the spotlight isn’t only on the players, but on the half time show, the performers, the ads. A spectacle of entertainment and a surge of comical ads that are viewed for 12 months until the next year.

So what does it cost to get on the world’s stage? This years ad spots were set to cost companies in the region of around $5 million dollars.

Is it worth it? Do you get the ROI? What can $5 million dollars actually buy you?

Well you could pick up 3 Bugatti Veyrons, 250,000 Domino’s pizzas, 20 Instagram posts from Kendall Jenner or 833,333 frappachappalinos from Starbucks!!

The thing is whilst all those things sound really nice, the Super Bowl is probably right up there with some of the most watched sporting events of the calendar with an estimated 103.4 million people tuning in. Thats not including the millions that will log on to Youtube the morning after to show their friends the best of the best.


With so much going on, the ads have to ‘cut’ through the clutter and compete for attention in a very limited space of time.

We’ve rounded up what we thought were the stand-out adverts from Super Bowl LIII.

1.Bud Light X Game of Thrones

A Bud Light advert or a promotion for Game of Thrones? Needless to say, many were thrown by the ad however the relevancy of the ad was superb as the build up to the final season is brewing.

2. Budweiser

They kept their momentum up with their ‘wind never felt better’ ad, visually appealing and simple but effective. Using Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ in the wind’, it was all very fitting as they showcase their beer brewed with windpower. 

3. Bumble

Targeting a female audience was a good move from Bumble as although typically the Super Bowl was a male heavy audience, the female viewers are steadily growing (now making up for 45% of the audience according to NFL). By taking notice of this, Bumble successfully created a women-focused ad using non other than Serena Williams.

4. Pepsi

Pepsi had a series of ads throughout the half time show with a star-studded line up including ‘The Office’ favourite Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil’ Jon. The brand played on the ‘coke wars’ with their ‘it’s more than ok’ slogan. And who doesn’t want a diamante Pepsi can?

5. Stella Artois

Stella Artois’ nostalgic ad fit perfectly with their ‘Change the usual’ slogan. Who thought we’d see Sarah-Jessica Parker sipping on a pint of Stella instead of her ‘usual’ choice of cocktail?

6. Microsoft

Many said this was the highlight of all the ads, Microsoft promoted their Xbox Adaptive Controller, a malleable tool for children with limited mobility. A touching and inclusive ad showing gaming should be for anyone.

7. Kia 

No humour, no celebrity endorsements, just an authentic, straight to the point ad. It follows the Kia factory in Georgia appealing to an America-first audience, where they are proud of all things made in the USA. 

8. Doritos

Doritos were showcasing their official addition of the Flamin’ Hot flavor to its medley of products. This was probably exciting enough for viewers however Doritos also followed the nostalgic route with a collaboration between the Backstreet boys and Chance the Rapper.

9. Hyundai 

Jason Bateman plays a slightly different character for Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad. This comical ad follows an elevator bellhop taking people to uncomfortable situations.

The relevancy to a car brand? They can’t take the pain out of other problems but they take the pain out of car shopping with the Hyundai Shopper Assurance. 

10. Pringles

The star of the Pringles ad? A depressed Alexa-like device. She will never be able to taste the joys of the 318,000 Pringle combinations hence her sadness. A quick, comical and eye capturing ad. 


2019 was another great year of ads for the Super Bowl, we wonder how long these ads will stick around for?