Our monthly digital round-up

2018 has been a huge year for digital with massive changes to social channels, vast growth in trends such as AI, stories and shoppable social and some all-round great digital campaigns. Read about our favourite campaigns from the past month and what is predicted for digital in 2019. 

Refuge- Reversible Poem

Over the festive period, there is a considerable increase in domestic abuse and the Refuge charity wanted to bring awareness to this topic through a clever poem they posted on their social media platforms. The clever thing about it is it’s reversible. It may seem like a happy, festive poem when first read however when looked at the other way round, has a completely different message. It’s a good way to get people interested and helps to raise awareness around a topic that perhaps isn’t as spoken about around the festive period.

Nike X Raheem Sterling

Nike recently made Raheem Sterling the face of it’s new campaign to help highlight racial inequality. They wanted to get more people informed on the issue of the racism that exists in football- it’s not all glamour like it may seem. Nike are using the powers of social media get people talking about important topics that are also relevant to their brand.

Amazon- Robot run supermarkets

Amazon is really starting to push technology-run supermarkets. From cashier less checkouts to digital shelves and automated inventory fulfilment, Amazon is advancing their tools making it hard for other supermarkets to keep up. However, this does not mean the offline world is dying, the physical presence is still needed- machines are unpredictable and so it’s all about creating a balance between the online and offline worlds. Customers want an effortless experience and more choice but want to spend less time choosing which is why technology can help create a better customer experience.  Read more about it here.

YouTube Stories

Forget the feed, it’s all about the stories now. Instagram have done it, Facebook have done it and now YouTube are joining in on the hype. Stories on YouTube will last 7 days rather than the typical 24 hours and will only be available to people with 10K+ subscribers however may be rolled out to all users if it’s successful. Stories is the fastest growing social sharing option with more than a billion people now using stories every day across Facebook apps alone. Perhaps Twitter will be next to jump on the bandwagon?

And finally, some social media trends to watch out for in 2019:

  1. Augmented Reality: The trend really started to grow in 2018 so 2019 could see the trend grow even further and become a more immersed tool across social media channels.
  2. Chatbots- For an impatient generation, chatbots seem to be the most popular way of communicating with brands providing instant communication and answers. Most people now prefer to communicate via chatbots rather than email, phone etc.
  3. Video and Live Streaming- There is so much content online now and yet people have less patience to sit and read. Live streaming has been used by many social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, 2019 could see this trend growing.
  4. Stories- With YouTube recently jumping on the trend, could the rest of the social media platforms get in on it too in 2019?
  5. Social Responsibility- With Gen Z being more socially responsible than any other generation, companies will have to start aligning with these values more. 

Let’s hope 2019 holds as many great digital campaigns!