Our November digital round up

In the retail calendar, Christmas starts November 1st – once all the Halloween costumes and sweet treats have been cleared from the shelves! As a creative marketing agency, we knew exactly what November would bring…the release of all our favourite brands Christmas TV campaigns.

And the hype was real, they didn’t let us down but despite a lot of the attention falling on these anticipated Christmas adverts, they weren’t the only great campaigns to come out of November. Here’s some of our favourites, from Adidas to Yorkshire Tea – have a read below!

Cesar – Christmas Jumpers

Dogs and Christmas… the best combination to ever exist?

Cesar are having dogs design their own Christmas jumpers so finally you and your dog can have the matching outfits you always wanted.

But how exactly did they direct the designs?

A doggy design studio was created where dogs took part in an agility course. The running, jumping and barking allowed them to ‘design’ their jumpers. For example the sound waves of their barking were used as a pattern.

This has been Cesar’s biggest campaign yet and they’re using digital tools to create something that has never been done before. A really innovative and creative way of bringing two popular themes together.

Adidas – Secret shoe locations

Adidas introduced an AR feature at Complexcon where attendees could buy sought after and limited shoes. All they had to do was download the Complexcon app that sent them information about the location where the drop was (hide and seek anyone?).

Once seekers found the location, AR pick up spots would send a notification to the users phone where they could find instructions on how to choose their size. Finally, they had to reach a designated locker and pick up the shoes after making the transaction.

Through doing this, not only did Adidas avoid a huge influx of people but at the same time, built excitement around the drop and got people interested.

M&S & Macy’s

Both M&S and Macy’s have started to put Instagram higher up in their marketing strategies.

Tasked to attract a new, younger audience M&S have revisited their comms strategy and reassigned budget to create a digital-first strategy utilising Instagram and IGTV.

Must have items are heroed in the channel leading to 3 million customers viewing these within 4 hours – an amazing reach. 10 minute IGTV episodes featuring well loved celebs like Holly Willoughby have had a captive 9 million watching product hauls. M&S have shown to all brands that you have to evolve with media to create success.

Similarly Macy’s are really embracing social as part of their campaign this year. From gift guide carousels on Instagram to hidden gifts on Pinterest, it seems they are looking to target perhaps a younger audience.

They have even integrated AR into their campaign as they have created an Instagram-ready experiential shop featuring AR virtual mirrors. This allows consumers to digitally test make up rather than physically put it on. They’ve done the same with furniture so you can trial how it looks in your home before buying.

It’s important that brands are beginning to understand the impact that all social channels can have on sales, even if the target audience isn’t millennials.

New Balance – Free trainers for fashion

New Balance launched a one day activation during New York Fashion Week that made everyone the star of the show. Using AI on the streets of Manhattan, passers by were shown as their own trend setters. Brand Ambassadors then selected people they thought ‘made their own fashion rules’ to receive a free pair of trainers. The screens also showed stats of what the people of New York were wearing, like 50% wearing green today.

Yorkshire Tea – Yorkshire Tree

Yorkshire Tea’s first augmented reality experience has been created to educate families with young children about environmental sustainability and the vital role of trees. The campaign comes in year four of Yorkshire Tea’s five-year pledge to plant one million trees across the UK and Kenya.

They have used virtual technology company Zappar’s AR platform, ZapWorks, to create the experience, which is accessed by scanning full-page press ads using the camera feature on Shazam.

AR technology then transports users into the forests of the UK and Kenya, while giving them interactive challenges such as planting seeds and picking avocados for farmers to take to market – highlighting the importance of trees at every stage.


We’re sure December will bring us plenty more to talk about and next time we’ll be rounding up a full year of the best digital campaigns we’ve seen in 2018!