Our top retail news from November

It’s nearly December which means one thing… all the Christmas ads are out and being compared- who’s was the best this year? Read our retail blog to see our perspective on the Christmas ads this year.

Co-op- Delayed Christmas campaign

Co-op has decided to launch its Christmas advert later than usual and donate savings made in production costs to charity instead – donating almost £19m to support 4,000 local communities and charities.

The retailer’s approach is built on research that found 86% of shoppers think brands spend too much on their festive campaigns and nearly two-thirds want to see marketing budgets scaled back in the run-up to Christmas. 

With research showing that 5% of UK adults would be more likely to shop at a retailer that donates to good causes, could this also show that consumers are tiring of big-budget campaigns, and could we see Christmas adverts drastically change in 2019?

M&S- Eco-shopping

M&S are the next retailer to contribute to reducing plastic and reducing waste, as they have launched an eco-shopping bag that is made from 75% ‘social plastic’. Social plastic is the plastic waste that has been collected and then recycled by a Plastic Bank-  a social enterprise seeking to stop ocean plastic pollution.

Research and development has enabled M&S to compete with other retailers for the ‘reducing our plastic footprint’ limelight, and not only does the recycled shopping bag become a USP for M&S, but becomes an incentive for customers, as they are helping to prevent the impact of plastic.

From the shocking truths that Blue Planet 2 brought us, retailers are taking customer’s demands on board to be more plastic friendly, but who is really making a difference – Greenpeace has released a table ranking each of the stores, see the results here

But it begs the question, do retailer’s efforts to become more plastic and environmentally friendly in general, influence your choice to spend with them? 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As everyone is aware, the Christmas adverts have been released over the last few days, but which brands are most memorable, which brand’s advert have actually impacted your choice to spend, which has made a stir and which has just got you so overall excited for Christmas? 

Here are some brand’s recent stand out festive moments…

Iceland- Banned orangutan ad

As we all know, Iceland’s Christmas advert was banned from appearing on TV, but that hasn’t stopped them making a noise. Their latest attempt to spread the awareness of their campaign has been to set an animatronic orang-utan loose in London, showing another great example of where technology and experiential marketing has been used together to engage with consumers to further awareness of a brand and or campaign. 

John Lewis and Waitrose- Collaborating ads

John Lewis and Waitrose have collaborated on their first Christmas advert, and it has certainly received some mixed opinions as to whether Waitrose are throwing some serious shade, or positively highlighting their partnership. Either way, John Lewis are certainly benefiting from their mention form other brands .

The ad is part of Waitrose’s wider Christmas campaign ‘Too Good to Wait’ and shows the family skipping through the famous John Lewis ad in order to get to their food quicker- a clever collaboration.


M&S- M&S Christmas favourites

M&S’ instore POS was so successful over Summer – whereby colleagues recommended products to consumers by labelling them “My M&S favourite”, that they have run this campaign into Christmas as well – “M&S Christmas favourites”.

M&S aim to share the message that shopping with them isn’t just for the special occasions, and everyone has their everyday favourites.

Having released separate adverts for their food and clothing departments, the retailer are asking customers to share their favourites on social with the hashtag #MyMarksFav – with the added bonus that a festive Percy Pig emoji will appear every time someone uses the #MyMarksFave hashtag on Twitter, and gifs of the character will run on Instagram Stories.

M&S are proving that integrated marketing is key for a successful campaign – don’t confuse customers with mixed messages – especially if it is successful.


If you’ve missed any retailer’s Christmas adverts for 2018, campaign have reviewed them here for you.