Technology and the future of events

Here at Banana Kick we are all about creating ‘unforgettable’ moments and that’s especially true for our experiential team. We like to be one step ahead, we want our client’s customers to be continually mesmerised by their unique experience.

So if we want to be at the forefront of what we do, we need to know what the future of the events industry holds. If you were to look at the world of events in 30 years time what would it look like?

In 30 years event attendees will be from Generation Alpha. As you can imagine Gen Alpha won’t just use technology, they’ll integrate it into their lives flawlessly. This means that when it comes to events, technology is going to play a huge part.

Here’s a glimpse of what that might look like…

Facial Recognition

The use of deep learning algorithms will completely transform the exhibitor/delegate relationship. The moment a delegate strolls into a venue, the event manger will immediately be able to know exactly who the delegate is, their profession, their career history and what their exact interests at the event is.

Not only that, measurement will be instantaneous, organisers will know what stand they visit and even how much coffee they drink. This data will be invaluable and will be ideal to measure ROI. Artificial Intelligence will make both organiser and delegate experiences seamless.

Smart devices 

No we’re not just talking about smart phones, by 2050 every object encountered at an event will be connected and so intelligent that it will predict the attendees needs.

Personalised sign posting will sense your requirements and be capable of reminding you when your next session is and even how long it will take you to get to that conference room.


Not only will there be smart devices, smart buildings will even exist. These buildings will be designed using intelligent systems, which will be able to make adjustment in lighting, music and even scent. This will all be done using connected sensors that respond to an audiences changing mood.

Robotics and holograms

(Now this is the scary bit). It is predicted that by 2050 a large proportion of on the ground event jobs will be staffed by robots.

We already see this in some sectors but holograms are also going to be huge. Location aware branded hologram characters will appear when you are near a certain stand and encourage you to stop by using the knowledge it knows specifically about you.

Many researchers have worked on neural linking which means that all it will take is for an attendee to think about a refreshing cocktail after a busy day networking before it is delivered and stirred just the way they like it (we certainly like the sound of that one!).


Yes, we all know this is nothing new… in fact a client wouldn’t be a client if they didn’t say, ‘could we do something with VR?’. However, if VR is as good as it is now how good will it be by 2050?

In the future, companies could allow their entire workforce to experience an event remotely, perhaps even able to interact with other delegates via intelligent avatars.

To Conclude

The above predictions suggest that Generation Alpha will be communicating and interacting through a virtual world but will this mean that events will no longer even need a physical venue?

This is certainly a hot topic in the event industry. Will technology wipe out events in the coming years and be replaced by pre-recorded experiences, shared across the globe on headsets to people slumped in armchairs?

Well, we pledge that if we have anything to do with it, that won’t happen. We’re all people’s people and fans of face-to-face interaction. We know that technology has the power to influence and improve, but not alter the fundamentals of our outstanding event experiences…that is of course if we’ve not been replaced by robots.


Written by Maggie Senior