Our favourite digital campaigns from October

October has been a busy month for digital campaigns. From Hello Kitty to Banksy, we have rounded up our favourite digital moments from October.

Twitter- Ross or Russ?

We’ll start this off with our absolute digital highlight of October, in case you hadn’t seen it all over social already.

Ross from Friends was apparently in Blackpool at the weekend… stealing cans… from a cornershop??

Ok, not really but Schwimmer played the situation well on social and the responses are equally as hilarious. Take a look here– and make sure to read the replies too.

easyJet- Look & Book

If you’re the spontaneous type and enjoy travelling, easyJet have just made life a lot easier (and perhaps a lot more expensive) for you.

They’ve just launched ‘Look & Book’ image search on Instagram where you can screenshot a scenic picture you like the look of, even if you have no idea where it is, and share it into the easyJet app. The app then matches the picture up through image recognition techniques to find the location and gives you booking options that will get you there!

It makes the booking process a lot easier for consumers through just a few clicks and increases the growing trend of ‘shoppable social media’. So if you’re easily swayed by a holiday- avoid Instagram!

Hello Kitty- The Invitation Only Gang

Hello Kitty is back, sassier than ever and turning digital. The popular franchise is seeking out a ‘Hello Kitty gang’ made up of micro influencers to help get the brand out across social media. The invite-only gang is made up of influencers with a following of 10K-100K and currently consists of 200 members.

Why are they targeting micro-influencers? They believe it will be easier to build meaningful relationships with them, strengthening an already authentic interest that the chosen influencers have with the Hello Kitty brand. That connection between brand and influencer then filters through to the following of each. They want to create an identity, and a group where the influencers can connect.


Not only this, but the club is exclusive! And how do you get into the club? You act as a brand ambassador for Hello Kitty, of course! So the very existence of the club encourages more of the brands authentic followers to aim for an invite.

Partnering with micro influencers can be a more genuine move from brands – using people who actually have an interest in the brand already helps it to translate more authentically – they actually care as opposed to just being paid to post.

Rimmel- #IWillNotBeDeleted

Rimmel have launched a new campaign, partnering with anti-cyberbullying organisation Cybersmile, to target online bullying. They are creating an online platform, run through Artificial Intelligence, to help those affected by offering local resources, helplines and organisations.

Rimmel are yet another brand experimenting with artificial intelligence offering instant support for those in need through the use of technology. With the issue of how long people are spending on social media being very present, Rimmel are attempting to make peoples experience online more positive and helping them to deal with the more negative side effects of social media.

The campaign also celebrates diversity and communicates that there isn’t one set definition of ‘beauty’- a (finally) growing realisation on social media.

Read more here.

Twitter- Banksy as the next James Bond?

Banksy clearly didn’t want people buying his world renowned paintings so after ‘Girl With Balloon’ was sold recently in an auction for $1.4 million- the painting ‘magically’ began to shred itself… mysterious

The stunt has inspired marketers around the world to get involved and put their own twist on it. Twitter gave us some of the best for example McDonalds’ twist on it.

This is another great example of brands getting involved in conversations and cleverly making it relevant to them. This is reactive content that needs to be jumped on straight away and when done right, can get a really great response with a tonne of positive engagement. However, if it doesn’t relate back to your brand or values, it can be seen meaningless.

Find more examples here

Some quick fire digital stats to conclude…

Would you be happy with some one stacking your fridge whilst you’re out?

  • 3,200 UK retail stores have shut since 2014 (as a result of the increase in digital)
  • The top 10 digital agencies grown 20% year on year from 2014 however the rest have remained about the same
  • 49% of UK and US consumers said they would be happy for someone to deliver and stock their fridges
  • 51% of consumers prefer interaction with humans than chatbots
  • 61% of consumers said they would be more likely to research a product or service recommended on social by a friend

Find more interesting stats here


That’s all from the digital team this month- we’ll be back next month with more of our favourite digital campaigns.