Asda stores celebrate the NHS 70th birthday

It’s time to say thank you!

On the 5th July the NHS, one of the nation’s most loved institutions, celebrated it’s 70th birthday and Asda wanted to help stores celebrate the occasion with their local communities.


But how do you mark such a momentous occasion?

With a cup of tea of course!

But this is more than just a regular brew. People up and down the country were asked to get together to raise a cuppa to our beloved NHS and raise funds for NHS charities at the same time.

A nostalgic look back

When Asda asked us to work on this event with them, we developed a simple yet effective approach, which ultimately leads to the main goal of saying thank you and celebrating everything that’s great about the NHS.

We wanted to celebrate this huge milestones achieved by taking a look back and highlighting the hugely positive impacts that the NHS has had on millions of lives.

Specifically focussing on encouraging people to look back at the last 70 years of the NHS and reminisce on all of the outstanding achievements.

Big 7Tea Party

So to do this we created an event kit steeped in nostalgia, which nearly 400 Asda stores received to help celebrate the occasion in style. Providing everyone the opportunity to say thank you to the NHS for the last 70 years, and to reminisce on the key milestones in the history of the NHS.

Whether Asda Community Champions decided to host their Big 7Tea party in their store café or at a local charity partner nearby, this event kit had everything they needed. From decorations such as bunting and balloons to novelty giveaways, as well as a fun guessing game where customers could test their knowledge on major NHS breakthroughs.

Created and produced specially for the Asda NHS event. Participants were asked six questions relating to key milestones from the history of the NHS, and were asked to match up the date cards provided with the question shown on the board, all displayed in an old photo album style.

Going the extra mile

One store in particular wanted to take the celebrations one-step further to mark this major milestone in history. So we were tasked with building on all the activity already taking pace to make this event extra special.

We developed the concept of creating an outdoor vintage tea party, and saw this all the way through to implementing it on the day. Which saw a transformation of the Asda Havant car park into an English garden setting for all customers to enjoy. This tied in nicely with the existing NHS Big 7Tea celebrations that were already being held.

After doing the sun dance several times, we were pleased to see the sun shining on the morning of the event. A group of singers created a real 1940’s buzz in the atmosphere, with afternoon tea being served on vintage tableware, and personalised NHS biscuits, the event was a stand out success. With engagement reaching 100 people per sitting throughout the afternoon.

We even had a special visit from the local Mayor to top off a fabulous day celebrating and saying ‘thanks’ to 70 years of the NHS.