A Totally new website!

Bringing it to life

After Totally Tipi creative style, we were tasked with designing and developing a unique and dynamic website.

Our key challenge here was to translate the enchanting and charismatic characters from printed communications into a digital format.

Where Happy Happens

Our key objective was to carry through the new brand and create a website which would make a users’ first experience with Totally Tipi a memorable one.

We wanted to carry through the essence of the brand to the website, using our bespoke, hand drawn story tale scenes and characters.

The key was to strike a balance between functional and emotional content, and transcend a simple sales tool.

I keep getting little butterflies when thinking about it all coming together

Laura, Owner and Director of Totally Tipi

Using analytics of the old website, we created strategic architecture of the new site which would allow for easy use, distilling large amounts of information into searchable and easily digestible chunks.

We paired our custom illustrations – used as static images and gifs – with real-life imagery from weddings and events to show how the Totally Tipi brand evolves into a living, breathing, momentous event in someone’s life.


Creating stories of happiness

The aim was to allow users to create their own stories of happiness, with Totally Tipi being an important contributor, over and above simply supplying the venue.

The addition of a blog allowed them to use their ‘on the job’ experience to add value to their customers’ special days.