Celebrating 40 years of success

40 years of success

The annual Nisa Retail Exhibition is a 2-day showcase of all the unique and exciting things Nisa can offer both their retailers and suppliers.

For the fourth year in a row, we were asked to design and produce an array of exhibition collateral, and celebrate Nisa’s 40th year with the 2000 people in attendance.

Our first task was to create a style for the event programmes and marketing collateral that would showcase their 40th birthday celebrations.

As part of this year’s exhibition brief, we were also asked to promote Nisa’s 2017 marketing and promotional activity, and explore how this could be effectively communicated to retailers and suppliers who were attending the exhibition, through various means of elements across the displays on show at the 2-day event.

Thank you for all your hard work. You’ve once again stepped up to the crazy challenge!

Clare, Nisa Events and Exhibition Manager

Another key area we were tasked to design was Nisa’s prominent 2017 seasonal activity area. This showcased the upcoming seasonal campaigns such as Summer, the Wine Festival and Halloween. Additionally, it also offered compelling insights as to why it is important for retailers to participate in each campaign and how each of stores, and in turn their customers, could gain from engaging in these activities throughout the year.

Noted as being the most important campaign of the year for Nisa and its retailers, Christmas was at the forefront within this seasonal activity area. We implemented and created an entire area dedicated to Christmas to launch the 2017 campaign, and gave Nisa retailers an exclusive sneak peak as to what they can expect in the later months of this year.