An Adventure of Jurassic Proportions!

We like a challenge here at Banana Kick, so when our client Weli Creative, with whom we worked on the Magical Lantern Festival last Christmas, approached us about bringing dinosaurs to life across the country, we couldn’t resist sinking our teeth into it!

Weli Creative are launching a UK-wide, immersive dinosaur tour, and they came to us to develop the name, branding, creative execution and event marketing.

And so, Jurassic Kingdom was born (or hatched)!

We undertook a naming exercise, developed a dynamic creative style, and created a set of brand guidelines in order to give Weli Creative the tools to effectively market Jurassic Kingdom online and offline.

The first stop of the tour arrives on 1st April, at Osterley Park in London, where animatronic, life-sized T.rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and more will come to life to surprise and delight visitors!

Fancy taking home a piece of the fun? Then you won’t be disappointed! Stop by our merchandise trailer where we’ll be selling a range of official merchandise and dinosaur paraphernalia, all sourced, developed and produced by our in-house production team.

Prepare for your jaw to drop and head down to London for the first event, or click here to find out when the dinos will be coming near you!

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