Tough Mudder 2016 is underway!

Tough Mudder 2016 kicked off in Henley, London West, for the first event of the season just over a week ago. We were there along side Kingstone Press to make sure that all 16,000 Tough Mudders were welcomed at the finish line with a refreshing Kingstone Press Cider.

Tough Mudder 2016 Kingstone Press finish line

This was the first of the nine events we will be managing over the next five months and was one of the largest of the season. All the usual suspects were there: Mud Mile, Electroshock Therapy and Birth Canal. A few new additions, including The Block Ness Monster and Rain Man, joined them to push the Mudders even further out of their comfort zone.

The runners were also treated to Kingstone Press’, Arctic Enema 2.0. A welcome refreshment for them over the hot weekend… or not, as the case may be!

Tough Mudder 2016 Kingstone Press arctic enema ice bath obstacle

We hope to see you at the first Tough Mudder Half event at Belvoir Castle this weekend, we’ll be waiting with an ice cold Kingstone Press!

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