More Than A Flame

The Olympic Flame Yorkshire Banana Kick

My 9 and 11 year old sons watched the torch relay yesterday as it meandered through Yorkshire.

I always thought it would be a fun school trip for them, particularly after the fervor of the Jubilee, but they both reported it to be an “awesome” experience.  Watching the local news last night a torchbearer in her 70′s said pretty much the same, adding that the warmth from the spectators was unbelievable.

There aren’t many things that unite the generations but it would seem that the Olympics, and it’s spirit, can.

When Jack and Tom look back at the day they saw the Olympic flame I wonder whether they’ll remember it just as a cool trip, or recognise it as a unique moment when the country celebrated its togetherness. I hope they do.

Photo credit: Tom Goring

Nick Goring, Director