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The Banana Kick way

We think marketing needs to make people feel something – especially in today’s busy world. We’re all bombarded with messages and information from the minute we wake up. So to stand out, to be appealing, to be remembered, you need to go one step further.

That’s why we focus on creating memorable marketing experiences at every opportunity. Moments large and small that reach out and touch people, stir emotions, and reiterate that you’re the brand for them.


We’re specialists in sports, leisure and retail marketing. We’ve worked in them for years and we know them inside out. And love the challenges they present.


Creating memorable experiences isn’t just about experiential marketing. It’s about filling every element of your marketing with unforgettable moments – from activating sports sponsorships to developing new brands and creating new integrated marketing campaigns.

We can help you do that.


With an enviable track record in creating and managing memorable experiential marketing campaigns, we can bring your brand to life using a raft of different approaches, all with the aim of turning your customers into loyal fans and advocates through using live experiences.

Design & branding

In a crowded marketplace, great design helps your brand cut through the noise. Our in-house creative team can hone your brand into something that is instantly recognisable and infinitely memorable.

Promotional marketing

Promotional marketing gets your product into the hands of your customer. With a heritage in sales promotion we create promotions that are innovative, engaging, effective and, importantly, measurable.

Event management

A great event will linger in the minds of your customers far past curtain call. Our event management experience is extensive. We’ve created impactful events for some of the UK’s most recognisable brands, taking care of everything from concept inception right through to analysis of its effectiveness.


We believe sponsorship is so much more than your brand’s name on a team’s shirt or a partners’ page in a brochure. Done well, sponsorship can build meaningful relationships with your customers. Whether you’re looking to attract sponsorship or sponsor something, we can help.

Digital & social

We can bring your brand to life online. Whether that’s connecting you with your customers on social media or building you a new website as your digital shop window, we cover everything from strategy, to design, and development.


Whether it’s a highly targeted approach or something that makes the most of classic mass-market communication channels, we can help you develop an advertising strategy that sparks your customers’ imagination and sticks in their memories.

The inside view

Every day’s different at Banana Kick. But what always stays the same is our unshakeable team spirit. We work hard, really hard, but we also support one another, learn from one another and have fun together.

From our in-house café bar to the pool table, spontaneous table tennis matches, office dogs and Friday morning butties, we make sure it’s always a nice place to be.

We go by the name Banana Kickers

Together, we offer a wide range of specialist skills and experience. And a dogged determination to create the kind of experiences that take people from fans of your brand to loyal customers and brand advocates.

Meet the talent

The team is what makes Banana Kick


To make sure you get the best on every project, we specialise. Having worked in the sports, leisure and retail sectors for years, we know them inside out. And love the challenges they present.

Be unforgettable

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